First International Phylogenetic Nomenclature Meeting, Paris 2004

Michael Vincent vincenma at MUOHIO.EDU
Thu Jul 3 08:02:36 CDT 2003

"Does this mean that PhyloCode is THE new universal code or the organisers
are hoping that a big hoopla will convince others to accept it?"

"Silence is agreement. If those groups not in favor of, or opposed to,
Phylocode do not explicitly and publicly renounce the implied or direct
claim by PhyloCode that it is The new and universal Code, then others
(agencies, governments, etc.) have no reason to not consider it as such."

It is certainly NOT universally accepted and will not be.  It will likely
be accepted by a small group of phylogeneticists, but I cannot imagine that
governmental agencies will jump on the bandwagon, at least not right
away.  The time-tested Linnaean binomial system is much more user friendly
than any "phylocode" could ever be, it seems to me...  Ron Gatrelle is
correct, though, that those of us opposed to this movement should be
diligent to speak out against it.

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