My Problem with Phylocode

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Thu Jul 3 18:41:18 CDT 2003

Mike Barker wrote:

>> Also, the Linnaean system really just provides rules for naming things
and avoids imposing strict meaning on the names, leaving those meanings and
relationships to be determined once you have labels on your entities.<<

Exactly.  The central point of conflict in one sentence.

>> The freedom of workers to apply different specific, generic, or familial
concepts to various taxa and to organize these taxa to reflect hypothesized
evolutionary patterns is already present in Linnaean taxonomy, and I see no
need to formalize rules to replace these basic categories with categories
that are only compatible with a limited, cladistic perspective which may
not exist in the future. <<

It seems there are those who want _one_ human identifying  system to comply
strictly with _their_ concept of evolutional relationships.   What we have
is _one_ nomenclatorial system (Linnaean) that accommodates multiple
concepts of evolution and relationships.

Ron Gatrelle

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