PhyloCode: The real problem...again

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Sat Jul 5 19:28:19 CDT 2003

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> At 03:28 2003-07-05 -0400, Mike Barker wrote:
> >But, I also think that if implemented to replace
> >Linnaean nomenclature, PhyloCode would ultimately be a fascist
> >nomenclature system as the code itself (and the organizing committee
> >behind it) determines what are proper and improper methods for
> >phylogenetic analyses and interpretation.
> Godwin's Law:

This reference is not applicable as nothing is said in the above by Mike
that has any connection with the two (I will say) things in that URL.
Fascism is a completely legitimate form of political philosophy - just look
it up in any dictionary.  Perhaps Mike should have used the term fascistic
= merely fascist like.  But I doubt that would have been acceptable either.

In oppositional discussion (outside the amen corner) disagreement is
endemic.  Pragmatic associations and pointed examples in making clear one's
argument (position) is a great skill of experienced debaters.   "It's the
economy, stupid."   How does one argue with that?  One doesn't, as it was
bare simple truth and an election was lost - right there.    "..would
ultimately be a fascist nomenclature..."  is not emotional tongue
flapping - it is simple FACT.   Unless, someone considers fascism like
Unicorns - fantasy.  Such people don't live in the real world.

There is also a reason why "If the glove don't fit, you must acquit" is all
we remember from the OJ trial.  Because, outside the flare of it, it is
solid jurist logic - the core of reasonable doubt.    Likewise, "If the
shoe fits wear it."    The reality is that the fascistic label is clearly
visible inside both the Phylocode shoe and glove.  Throwing some trite URL
at it don't change the spots on the Phylocode Leopard.

Read its lips - it is openly hostile to 1) traditional taxonomy, 2) the
Linnaean system, and 3) I_ZN nomenclature.   Three strikes - it should be
outta here.   Some of you remind me of a liberal lawyer trying to persuade
a jury of the "goodness inside" of a serial rapist.  Or.  Don't look at
that man behind the curtain.   Well, enough fun for one day.  I needed some
as it has been rainy all day and its Saturday and I couldn't get out into
the field to murder any insects.

Ron Gatrelle

PS  This really is serious business, and we better have the _soul_ behind
phylocode assessed properly (not just dotted  i and crossed t), or it will
do a lot more damage than just bite some in the butt.

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