PhyloCode: The real problem...again

Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Sun Jul 6 11:21:16 CDT 2003

At 12:27 2003-07-06 -0500, Richard Jensen wrote:
>The simple definition
>of rape is to take by force and that's exactly what could happen.

I happen to see rape in a different light. If that's "politically correct",
so be it. I'm not sure what is "ad hominem" about my priorities differing
from Ron's. Obviously, I disagree with his priorities; there are many
things in the world I take more seriously than the hubbub over Phylocode.
Even if his entire reply were sarcasm, he took the time to be sarcastic
about it; I'm sure that he, like I, uses sarcasm with forethought. And I'm
not taking his remarks as "ad hominem" (I won't even bother to list them),
because it serves no point.

Nomenclatural issues have always inspired among some a passion that is IMO
all out of proportion to their significance.

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