PhyloCode: The real problem...again

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> I suppose that when the next edition of the ICBN is finished (2006) it is
> conceivable to present this in a big way as "the Code that incorporates
> years of development, now is mature, in full bloom and accepted
> or a little more snazzy as the "the modern Vienna Code of 2006, a century
> beyond the Vienna Rules of 1905".

This is "our" strength.  A couple centuries of tried and dependable
taxonomic nomenclatorial methodology and FUNCTION. The nuts and bolts
issues are, frankly, where I think "we" win.  "They" are still formative
and untried, so in "campaigning", the fact that their product is new,
novel, and totally untried in various applications needs to be constantly
brought to the attention of the general public that works in fields that
utilize nomenclature but know nothing of its underlying reasonings.  They
may present us as the model-T, but we need to present them as the Edsel.
The Edsel looked great coming off the production line - but what a flop.

Ron G.

PS  The Edsel was a car made by Ford back in the 1950s.

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