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Paul Kirk p.kirk at CABI.ORG
Wed Jul 9 14:05:11 CDT 2003

If we do nothing about Registration (or lets call it Notification) and
Electronic Publication in 2005 (Vienna) it will be 2011 before we get the
next chance and the rest of 'biology' will have left us in isolation of our
own making and not to far removed from a pointed stick and some soft clay
when it comes to our methods of cummunication. If molecular biologists are
confortable with the requirement to obtain a GenBank accession number before
most journals will publish in that domain why cannot systematists accept a
similar requirement before they publish nomenclatural novelties? Using a
system which could easily be offered by existing indexing services (IPNI,
Zoological Record, Index of Fungi, etc).

Paul Kirk
Editor, Index of Fungi
CABI Bioscience

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From: Richard Pyle
Sent: 09/07/03 21:15
Subject: [TAXACOM] 2006 ICBN

> I suppose that when the next edition of the ICBN is finished (2006) it
> conceivable to present this in a big way as "the Code that
> incorporates 250
> years of development, now is mature, in full bloom and accepted
> or a little more snazzy as the "the modern Vienna Code of 2006, a
> beyond the Vienna Rules of 1905".

Are they going to give Basionym registration a shot this time?  Or are
wounds still too fresh from past efforts at registration of "accepted"

If they are considering giving Basionym registration a shot, I would
like to hear from the framers about their plans.


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