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Doug Yanega dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU
Fri Jul 11 11:45:18 CDT 2003

>In biodiversity information system based on specimen data from biological
>scientific collection, should have as mandatory data
>  the author of the name and date of publication for the scientific name?

Realistically, this information should be in a hierarchical form -
that is, in a relational database, so an individual specimen record
contains a minimum amount of data (to minimize redundancy). In this
case, the ideal format for a specimen record will contain a single
unique code that links to a separate authority file of taxon names,
and THAT file contains all the details pertaining to each name: e.g.,
original genus, present genus, epithet, author, date of publication,
synonyms, distribution, type depository, bibliography, etc. When you
need output, you specify which of these fields you wish to see linked
to the specimen record - in most cases, this will be present genus,
epithet, and author. Building a good authority file is, of course,
quite a challenge.

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