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Doug Yanega dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU
Fri Jul 11 14:35:06 CDT 2003

Rich wrote:

>Following Doug's line of thinking, though, I'll point out that the ideal
>approach is much more complicated than a taxonomic authority with a field
>for authorship.
>First of all, specimens get identified and re-identified potentially several
>or many times -- so you need a 1:many relationship between specimens and
>names.  Second, I have gotten away from treating "authorship" as a
>text-string value, and establish a link between a name and a "Reference",
>and then a further set of links between References and their authors (unique
>ID codes for both References and "Agents" who serve as authors).

I didn't mean to imply that a specimen record should not have a field
for the history of identification. That is NOT the same thing as
linking a specimen to multiple names; at any given time, most
specimens are considered to belong to one given taxon, rather than
listed equivocally as possibly belonging to one of two or more
specific alternatives (though, certainly, it is possible for
specimens to be "in limbo" that way, at least in the short term), so
having a separate field for the most recent ID *is* useful. Likewise,
having a text string with the author name as it appears in
conjunction with the taxon name [e.g., "Anax junius (Drury)"] *is* a
very useful thing to have associated with a specimen record.


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