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In addition to Doug and Rich's comments

In terms of links to authority information, we should be preparing for the
emergence of (a) central resource/s capable of accumulating this information
and making it dynamically available to those who need it. General aggregators
such as Species2000, ITIS, or indexers such as uBio, have a key role to play.
This repository would be accessible through the internet, would be scrutinised
and maintained by the taxonomic community, but each element could be
crossmapped to other elements of taxonomic (or non taxonomic) knowledge.  Such
a structure will reduce the workload on individuals and should improve quality.

David Patterson

Quoting Doug Yanega <dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU>:

> >In biodiversity information system based on specimen data from biological
> >scientific collection, should have as mandatory data
> >  the author of the name and date of publication for the scientific name?
> Realistically, this information should be in a hierarchical form -
> that is, in a relational database, so an individual specimen record
> contains a minimum amount of data (to minimize redundancy). In this
> case, the ideal format for a specimen record will contain a single
> unique code that links to a separate authority file of taxon names,
> and THAT file contains all the details pertaining to each name: e.g.,
> original genus, present genus, epithet, author, date of publication,
> synonyms, distribution, type depository, bibliography, etc. When you
> need output, you specify which of these fields you wish to see linked
> to the specimen record - in most cases, this will be present genus,
> epithet, and author. Building a good authority file is, of course,
> quite a challenge.
> If you have any other questions, you can contact me off-list.
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