Halesia taxonomy

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> Subject: Halesia taxonomy
> Could someone please tell me the characters that distinguish Halesia
> tetraptera from H. carolina, and the characters that distinguish H.
> tetraptera var. tetraptera from var. monticola? Are these the correct
> for taxa? I'm in southeastern Tennessee and trying to figure out what
> species we have here.
> Thanks,
> Kathy Gould Mathews

>From Kartesz' Synonymized Checklist (1994); [Duncan & Duncan 1988]

Halesia Ellis ex L.
 carolina L. [Little Silverbell]
   SY=Halesia parviflora Michx.
 diptera Ellis [Two-winged Silverbell]
   SY=Halesia diptera var. mangniflora Godfrey
 tetraptera Ellis [Carolina Silverbell]
  var. monticola (Rehd.) Reveal & Seldin
   SY=Halesia carolina L. var. monticola Rehd.
   SY=Halesia monticola (Rehd.) Sarg.
   SY=Halesia monticola var. vestita Sarg.
  var. tetraptera

According to Wilbur Duncan (1988): "Use of the less familiar name, H.
tetraptera, for this species instead of the commonly used H. carolina may
cause confusion; but under the rules of nomenclature this change should be
made since specimens of Silverbell from the locality where the original
collection was made have corollas 14-18 mm long."
According to Robert Godfrey (1989): "Use of the name H. carolina, herein is
in accordance with the nomenclatural analysis of Reveal and Seldin (1976)
and according to them the name for the plant designated H. carolina in
recent manuals is H. tetraptera Ellis."

H.t. monticola seems to refer to the exceptionally large specimens in the
Smoky Mountains.
Sorry, but I don't have access to Reveal and Seldin.
Your trees are H.t. of both varieties.

Scott Ranger

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