New Webpage for Mississippi Plants

Lucile McCook bymccook at OLEMISS.EDU
Thu Jul 24 16:26:53 CDT 2003

         We invite you to visit our new webpage for the Pullen Herbarium,
University of Mississippi.  With NSF support, we have completely modernized
the collection with new cabinets and a compactor, and have built this
searchable web interface.  You can search our database for the
approximately 25,000 herbarium records we have digitized (of the >65,000
vascular plant collection), and you can browse our mounted duplicates
available for exchange with other herbaria.  You can also view the
Preliminary Checklist of Mississippi Plants by Lucile McCook and John
         Visit the site at
We would love to receive your comments on the page.  And you are always
welcome to visit the herbarium in Oxford, Mississippi, or request a
loan.  Lucile McCook, Curator

Dr. Lucile M. McCook, Curator
Pullen Herbarium
Department of Biology
P.O. Box 1848
University, MS 38677
bymccook at

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