Online identification keys.

David Remsen dremsen at MBL.EDU
Wed Jul 30 12:08:42 CDT 2003

We have been building an interactive key system for the web part-time
the past couple of summers. We are planning on releasing it as
shareware in September when we clean up a few things and write some

It consists of a web-based builder and player.  It is XML-based and
uses XSLT so that you can make your keys looks however you like.  It
can read Lucid Interchange Format files so that you can run lucid keys
on the web.  It's all written in open source software and we have it
running on a linux box.

We built this for some of our own keys we want to publish on the web.
It's 95% complete and is primarily a summer project for my undergrad
summer assistant.   Im having him make sure things can be packaged and
installed properly before we let folks take a copy.

The player and builder are at

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