Online identification keys.

Gerald Stinger Guala stinger at FAIRCHILDGARDEN.ORG
Thu Jul 31 11:34:44 CDT 2003

There are many online and offline interactive key programs. Navikey, Intkey, Pollyclave, LucID, DeltaAccess has one, PKey and Winclada have them. Bob Morris at UMass Boston has a really nifty one in XML. We use Navikey for the 7 or 8 keys we have on the web because it doesn't require a plugin like the others and uses native Delta matrices which are easy to export and very portable. We recompiled it to run in both IE and netscape as well. Kevin Nixon's Pkey is what we use on older PDAs that don't have Java.
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	I am doing a little research into online, interactive identification
	keys principly of plants but animals would be interesting to.
	Has anyone got favourites they could suggest?
	What would people really like from such a key?

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