what becomes of "kleptotypes" if the holotype is destroyed?

Thomas Janßen t_jaussen at WEB.DE
Sat Nov 8 12:06:41 CST 2003

Dear Taxacomers,

I am wondering what formal status to assign to a part of a holotype specimen
having been distributed to another collection (hence a "kleptotype"). The
holotype is destroyed and it is not yet certain whether isotypes exist or
Does the holotype fragment have the status of an isotype, supposing that by
cutting in two the holotype specimen the status of holotype remains attached
to the sheet with the original label (this would imply that I could cut in
two any type specimen, mount it on separate sheets and thus multiply the
number of isotypes available)? Or does it have no formal status at all and
is just a part of the original material? It all boils down to the question
of how to consider this fragment during lectotypification.

Thanks for your comments,

Thomas Janßen

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