Gianluca Polgar polgar at ALFANET.IT
Wed Nov 12 01:00:19 CST 2003

I perfectly agree with John's concept of "spatiotemporally diagnosable

Obviously BOTH reproductive isolation and morphological characters (whether
diagnostic or not) of a determinate genetic pool will change with space and
time through generations, due to evolutionary forces... what is the sense
of talking of "entities" whose boundaries are continuously changing?
... IF NOT temporally or spatially defined.

Obviously this should make sense only taking into consideration the
generation time and numeric amount of the organisms considered, and
reasoning within a definite spatiotemporal scale. One thing is speaking of
bacteria, one of sequoias.

Maybe there's no sense in describing a definite bacterial "species" (either
BSC or PSC), with respect to the generation time (and thus observation
time) of humans...


Gianluca Polgar
c/o prof. L. Bullini
Dip. di Gen. e Biol. Mol. "Charles Darwin"
Rome, Italy

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