Availability of an on-line implementation of metric for determining similarity of sets

Dr. Rodham E. Tulloss ret at NJCC.COM
Wed Nov 12 21:43:41 CST 2003

A tripartite similarity metric designed to avoid flaws in previously
existing similarity indices is now available on-line.  Instructions are
available on-line as is a link to the original paper that designed the
core mathematics of the metric (in pdf format).

Within a few days, sample uploadable datasets will be available on the
site (in both SIT and ZIP formats).  The similarity calculator will take
cut-and-paste, manual entry, or uploaded file(s) as input.  Input can be
supplied as a set of separate lists or as a presence-absence table
(e.g., a plain text format of a spreadsheet with columns as lists, rows
as items in lists).

The calculator, its instructions, etc. can be accessed from


The instructions alone can be accessed at


A bibliography of a small number of papers already known to have used
the tripartite similarity metric is also provided on the site at



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