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Roland Eberwein roland.eberwein at LANDESMUSEUM-KTN.AT
Wed Nov 19 22:12:09 CST 2003

The Organizing Committee announces that the 10th Workshop on Theoretical
Plant Morphology with the main theme "The Organ Identity in Plant
Morphology" will be held on May 2-8, 2004 in the Faculty of Natural and
Geo-Sciences, Viatka State University of Human Sciences (Kirov, Russia).

Topics for discussion on the workshop:
1.      What is an organ? Is it a part of the whole, a fragment of the body,
2.      Morphological, physiological, and genetic criteria of an identity of
plant organs.
3.      Modes of the plant construction: tissues, modules, architectural
models, life forms.
4.      Are root, axis and leaf real or fictitious?
5.      Are flowers, inflorescences real or fictitious?
6.      The role of theoretical plant morphology in higher biological

Working languages are Russian and English. Lectures with detailed
discussions, round tables, and poster session are proposed.

After the workshop, we are planning a guided tour to Medvedski Bor, a pine
forest on the left bank of Viatka river. This unique landscape with karst
lakes and relic dunes houses a lot of rare nemoral and steppe plants.

Address of the Organizing Committee

Yuri A. Bobrov
Department of Botany
Faculty of Natural and Geo-Sciences
Viatka State University of Human Sciences
Lenin str. 198, 610007 Kirov, RUSSIA
Tel. +7-8332-674-086
E-mail: botany at

Conference fee: 10 Euro paid in cash during the workshop.
If you intend to participate in the 10th Workshop on Theoretical Plant
Morphology, please send us the following information:

Name and title:
Title of your presentation:
Presentation type (lecture or poster):

Please answer till   December 1, 2003
Papers for lectures and abstracts of the poster presentations must be
submitted till   January 10, 2004.

Prof. V.T.Yungblud (Vice-Rector of Viatka SUHS, Kirov, Russia), Prof. N.P.
Savinykh (Kirov, Russia),
Prof. A.K. Timonin (Moscow, Russia), Dr. A.A. Oskolski (St.Petersburg,
Russia), Dr. A.A. Notov (Tver, Russia),
Prof. N.I. Shorina (Moscow, Russia), Dr. D.D. Sokoloff (Moscow, Russia),
Prof. O.V. Smirnova (Moscow, Russia),
Dr. R.K. Eberwein (Klagenfurt, Austria).

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