Marine Chilopoda?

Derek Sikes dsikes at UCALGARY.CA
Sat Nov 22 09:49:59 CST 2003

In the 4th edition of Jan Pechenik's text 'Biology of the Invertebrates'
(2000), pg. 336, it is written regarding the Chilopoda:

"Although most of the 3,000 species are terrestrial, some are marine."

I have never heard of marine chilopods (other than some possible fossils,
but this statement refers to extant species). I have been trying to find
some substantiation for this claim without success (about a dozen texts on
invertebrates & entomology have been checked, including various papers on
Myriapod phylogeny). Can any of you comment on this?

My 130 students and I eagerly await an answer!

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