Why the change of address?

Jim Beach beach at KU.EDU
Tue Nov 25 06:56:00 CST 2003

Hi Stephen --

The Taxacom mailing list has been managed on a Windows Listserv server at
the University of Kansas for the past five years or so.  We recently
changed the domain name from usobi.org to nhm.ku.edu to better reflect its
network home. USOBI was an abbreviation for United States Organization for
Biodiversity Information, an organization that remained virtual and never

You have a good memory. Taxacom was run out of UC Berkeley for a year,
Harvard University for three years before that, and on the Internet
originally from Michigan State Univ. Before the Internet, Taxacom started
as a dial-up bulletin board service from the Buffalo Museum of Science as
the brainchild of Richard Zander.  Richard also registered the first 100%
electronic journal--in the world, for any discipline--"Flora Online" with
the Library of Congress. Richard was the pioneer of it all. He is now at
the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Peter Rauch, retired from UC Berkeley, has volunteered to handle 95% of
Taxacom's day-to-day management tasks for the last several years.  He
deserves our gratitude.

-- Jim Beach
Biodiversity Research Center
University of Kansas

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