locality records on maps

E. Parmasto e.parmasto at ZBI.EE
Fri Oct 3 00:35:08 CDT 2003

DMAPW - see www.dmap.co.uk
For continents and other greater areas - Versamap Vers. 2.07 -
Shareware - see http://www.versamap.com
   I have used both of these (DMAP - some 10 years already) and have
not found any better (for my work...)
   Erast Parmasto, mycologist
> I would like to have some advice on the availability
> of an electronic system to transfer locality data from
> a database onto distribution maps. I have a huge set
> of locality data of the insect genus that I am
> revising and I am trying ot find a more efficient way
> to put dots on maps instead of doing it manually.
> These maps will be published with my revision and
> they will be put on the web where they will be
> periodically updated.
> thanks
> =====
> Carlos E. Sarmiento-M.
> University of Kentucky

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