Unpublished botanical names

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Unpublished botanical names are a controversial taxonomic subject because a
taxon name only 'exists' when it is published according to the nomenclatural
rules. On the other hand, botanical authorities have labelled an important
number of herbarium collections with a new name and the annotation 'sp.
nov.' or 'type', though it never came to any publication. In many herbaria
these collections are threaded as (potential) types. As more and more
institutions put their types online, we are confronted with the ambiguous
situation that the botanical world is distributing names which don't exist
according to their own rules. A dissertation on the subject is in
preparation and I would like to invite everyone with interest in this
nomenclatural topic to
- share his opinion on how to deal with these unpublished names 
- point me to published reflections on the subject
- point me to examples of how unpublished names are discussed in checklists
and monographs 

(If you prefer to contact me off list you are welcome to do so)

Guido Mathieu

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