New Zealand insect collection up for auction - Wagener Museum

Geoff Read at NIWA.CO.NZ
Thu Oct 9 08:29:15 CDT 2003

John Shuey wrote:
> A small quasi public collection is on the auction block - apparently 37
> drawers of specimens.
> The Insect Collection is now on line.
> Go to then click on
> Wagener Museum Sale then click on
> Auction calendar and current catalogues
> select October 20 then click on
> Catalogue-on-line Beetles, Moths,
> Butterflies, Phasmids.

Hmmm. I quote, "NB this is a historic New Zealand Group, collected by early
collectors such as C.E. Clarke, E.S. Gourley and A. Richardson. Many of the
specimens here have good provenance and a number are now extinct."

If all true I suspect they would be covered under the Antiquities Act and
export from NZ would be illegal. Please bear that in mind.


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