New Zealand insect collection up for auction - Wagener Museum

Michael A. Ivie mivie at MONTANA.EDU
Wed Oct 8 15:34:34 CDT 2003

In fact, I checked and if the ids are correct, they do include numerous
protected NZ species listed in Category A, B, C and X by Klimaszewski and Watt
(1997).  There are also CITES listed species from other countries.  This makes
any participation in this auction morally and legally problematic.  Anyone
bidding from the US would probably end up in trouble with the Lacey Act, even
if they managed to get the specimens out of NZ.  Just say no to this one
unless you are in NZ and want to keep them there.

Mike Ivie

Geoff Read wrote:

> John Shuey wrote:
> > A small quasi public collection is on the auction block - apparently 37
> > drawers of specimens.
> >
> > The Insect Collection is now on line.
> > Go to then click on
> > Wagener Museum Sale then click on
> > Auction calendar and current catalogues
> > select October 20 then click on
> > Catalogue-on-line Beetles, Moths,
> > Butterflies, Phasmids.
> Hmmm. I quote, "NB this is a historic New Zealand Group, collected by early
> collectors such as C.E. Clarke, E.S. Gourley and A. Richardson. Many of the
> specimens here have good provenance and a number are now extinct."
> If all true I suspect they would be covered under the Antiquities Act and
> export from NZ would be illegal. Please bear that in mind.
> Cheers,
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