re Ottowia

dieter waloszek dieter.waloszek at BIOLOGIE.UNI-ULM.DE
Mon Oct 13 13:28:05 CDT 2003

Dear Brian,
this is nothing but a regrettable typo, as it occurs numerously even on 
pages provided by academic stuff.

This animal is called Ottoia and it is – or better considered as – a 
priapulid. It has been recorded from the Burgess Shale sites, therefore 
is from the Middle Cambrian, approx. 510-515 Million years olde, 
referring to the more recent age measurements. Ottoia specimens can get 
several cm long, thus this animal was pretty big. On nicely preserved 
specimens one can still see hyoliths, which it liked to eat, arranged 
in a chain within the gut (the Palaeo Museum in Bonn, Germany has such 
a specimen). Well preserved specimens also show the scalids on the 
introvert, a characteristic features of such scalidophoran 
nemathelminths. I can provide you with an image on request.

Lastly to say: the name Ottowia is not pre-occupied, at least from this 

        Yours DIETER

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