Ottoia - Salmonella

B.J.Tindall bti at DSMZ.DE
Mon Oct 13 16:12:14 CDT 2003

Thanks to those who replied and pointed out that Ottoia was a spelling

Perhaps someone could also help to solve another mystery. Some time ago I
picked up the genus name Salmonella as a homonym of a crustacean genus. The
bacterial genus Salmonella is, of course well known in cases of food
poisoning and cases of typhus etc. The only information I had was via an
indexing service which simply listed the name and the fact that it was a
crustacean - no publication, no references. However, I suspect that this
was due to an indexing error. I have seen examples where bacterial
pathogens associated with animals have suddenly been "transformed" into
eukaryotes, simply because the person doing the work seems to have mixed up
the pathogen and the host. Without access to the original citation I can't
confirm this, but I assume that this may have been a case where the
presence of Salmonella (bacterial) was being reported in connection with
the crustacean host.

Simple question is - has anyone every heard of the genus names Salmonella
being used for a crustacean genus?


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