Roger Hyam roger at HYAM.NET
Fri Oct 17 10:31:56 CDT 2003

Hmm... 21k in central London should ensure you get a really dedicated

That is about the same salary as a "Second Assistant Manager" in
McDonalds. Of course if you take the McDonalds career route you get a
chance to become a first assistant manager and even a manager. Where as
a 'career' in taxonomy will only lead to a new job application in 3
years - probably for another short term contract on the same money.
Check out the McDonalds rates here:

I am being facetious but trying to make a serious point. No one will
ever be able to bring up a family on this kind of money in central
London. If we want to push for a sustainable, long term approach to
conservation of biodiversity how about a sustainable, long term approach
to peoples careers?

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