Fwd: ZR/BIOSIS to be sold?

Mon Oct 20 12:36:13 CDT 2003

Tom Moritz wrote:

> >Please see:
> >http://www.biosis.org/news_events/press/2003/031014.html
> >
> >This is a serious change in the "ownership" of Zooloogical Record
> >and BIOISIS Previews and deserves serious scrutiny by our community.
> >
> >There are a number of outstanding questions to be answered about this
> >action...

Dear Dr. Moritz,

I'd be interested in seeing you do one better than innuendo
and explaining what "outstanding questions" you perceive.
Looking in from the outside, responsibility for those data
would move from one private organization to another.
Where's the problem?

Martin Spies
c/o Zoologische Staatssammlung Muenchen, Germany

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