The Future of Zoological Record as a Global Resource?

Tom Moritz tmoritz at AMNH.ORG
Mon Oct 20 13:19:07 CDT 2003

Thanks for your message -- there is much
for our community to consider -- and also,
thanks for your  courteous assumption --
but please note, I am not "Dr." Moritz --
I received my MLIS degree from Pratt Institute in 1974.

Tom Moritz

At 06:29 PM 10/20/2003 +0200, Martin Spies wrote:
>Thank you very much, Chris and Dr. Moritz, for the detailed
>explanations. Now everybody on the list has an idea of the
>real and potential problems, and can decide whether
>and how to get involved.
>I just didn't think the first message was sufficient for that
>Martin Spies
>c/o Zoologische Staatssammlung Muenchen, Germany

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