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Barry Roth barry_roth at YAHOO.COM
Tue Oct 21 08:30:09 CDT 2003

This is exactly the reason that unpublished names should be kept out of the literature (including, in my opinion, lists of institutional holdings).  No matter what well-intentioned "markers" are placed with or around a name, and how careful responsible taxonomists are in maintaining these sanitary procedures, such names have a way of escaping their cages and showing up in ecological, environmental, faunistic, and management documents.  (Trust me: as an editor I've seen how difficult it is to even enforce citation of author and date -- not to mention parentheses -- in articles authored by non-taxonomists.)  A name should be a seal, placed on the work only when it is completed  --that is, published -- and not sooner.


Susan Farmer <sfarmer at SABRE.GOLDSWORD.COM> wrote:
Personally, I'd like to see unpublished names referenced -- I have several
for members of Trilliaceae that I've found in the literature and various
places but without any sort of citation. I'd like to be able to track
down the name.

Susan Farmer
sfarmer at goldsword.com
Botany Department, University of Tennessee

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