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With the information provided one can not answer your question.

See Art. 40 of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. Under
this article the proper name would appear to be Ecdyurinae Jacobsen &
Bianchi 1905, but there is a saving usage clause, Art. 40.2, which
states that if some one before 1961 used Ecdyonurinae Ulmer 1920 because
they believe Ecydyonurus was the valid name for the type-genus, etc.,
then Ecdyonurinae Ulmer 1920 is valid and takes the date of 1905 for
priority purposes, etc.


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>>> Jeff Webb <jmw975 at YAHOO.COM> 10/21/03 04:05PM >>>
In our revision of the mayfly family Heptageniidae, we
are recognizing three subfamilies.  For one of these
subfamilies, the oldest available family-group name is
Ecdyurinae Jacobsen and Bianchi (1905) and rooted in
the genus name Ecdyurus Eaton (1868).  Ecdyurus was a
replacement name for the name Ecdyonurus Eaton
(published earlier in 1868) (Eaton stating that he had
incorrectly formed Ecdyonurus).  Schoenemund (1930)
reinstated Ecdyonurus, showing that Ecdyurus was an
unnecessary replacement, and Ecdyonurus has been the
generic name used since that time and Ecdyurus has
been considered a junior synonym.  The next oldest
available family-group name that might be applied to
the subfamily is Ecdyonurinae Ulmer (1920) rooted in
the name Ecdyonurus.  Our question is should the
family-group name for this subfamily be Ecdyurinae or

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