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At 13:05 21.10.03 -0700, Jeff Webb wrote:
>In our revision of the mayfly family Heptageniidae, we
>are recognizing three subfamilies.  For one of these
>subfamilies, the oldest available family-group name is
>Ecdyurinae Jacobsen and Bianchi (1905) and rooted in
>the genus name Ecdyurus Eaton (1868).  Ecdyurus was a
>replacement name for the name Ecdyonurus Eaton
>(published earlier in 1868) (Eaton stating that he had
>incorrectly formed Ecdyonurus).  Schoenemund (1930)
>reinstated Ecdyonurus, showing that Ecdyurus was an
>unnecessary replacement, and Ecdyonurus has been the
>generic name used since that time and Ecdyurus has
>been considered a junior synonym.  The next oldest
>available family-group name that might be applied to
>the subfamily is Ecdyonurinae Ulmer (1920) rooted in
>the name Ecdyonurus.  Our question is should the
>family-group name for this subfamily be Ecdyurinae or

I suspect that in this case (since Eaton stated that he incorrectly FORMED
the name Ecdyurus, thus indicating that he intended to EMENDATE rather than
to REPLACE it by Ecdyonurus) art. 35.4.1. applies: "A family-group name
based upon an unjustified emendation ... or an incorrect spelling of the
name of the type genus must be corrected, unless it is preserved unter
Article 29.5 ....."

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