Subject: Sale of Zoo Record

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Subject: Sale of Zoo Record

The success of Zoo Record has depended on close association with academic
libraries. Zoo Recorders have been based at 2 libraries in the UK - British
Library at Boston Spa and (until recently) the Natural History Museum,
London. Previously, Recorders also worked from the Institute of Entomology.
Thus there is a dependency on these libraries maintaining subscriptions to
the widest possible range of journals that publish taxonomic papers. In the
present climate, this can no longer be relied upon - especially as some of
these journals are pretty obscure. If access to journal is cut, then the
whole operation of Zoo Record is undermined.

Being based in a single country also means that the Recorders (all amazingly
dedicated people) have to grapple with abstracting articles written in every
language under the sun. In the circumstances, a remarkably achievement.

How much better if Zoo Record could become an international effort, with the
effort shared across different continents. This should ensure both better
access to local journals and better understanding, through use of native

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