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Thu Oct 23 05:42:21 CDT 2003

Dear All,
since I'm a German with limited skills in English it always takes me some
time to translate and even more time to respond, but this time let me try it:

Richard Pyle wrote:
>>The big obstacle is not funding.  I'm sure the funding could be got.  The
big obstacle is this invisible barrier to cooperation that somehow pervades
biology (taxonomy in particular).<<snip>

Why not make the barriers a little bit more visible? From earlier postings to
this and previous threads I can see there is a clearly visible barrier
between "amateurs" and "professionals". Another barrier was apparent when there were
postings like: 'come on send me your lists of genera, or we will do them
ourselves and you correct them'.

Okay, let me illustrate my point by a simple (easy for me to translate) story:
Imagine you are the captain of a sinking ship. Your destination is, anyway,
very difficult to reach, let's say your order said: "go to the land where you
can help to rescue the world's biodiversity before it's gone". During the first
miles of your travel, you have been very strict and concerned, so all crew
members who did not understand your work, those who seemed to be unwilling or
were doing nonsense, they all have been sent under deck. In addition, you're
loosing an increasing number of your most talented crew members because of food
shortage, haevy storms, etc.
So what will you do when your ship is about to sink? Would you still keep
under deck all your crew members who, in your opinion, seemed to be not helpful
enough, or through them all over board? Or would you say: come on guys, let's
rescue our ship - if you continue doing nonsense you will also sink. There will
be very few who would still say 'okay let the ship go down'.
So what I want to say: why not concentrate NOW on bringing together to whole
community who must have a vital interest in taxonomy: professional AND amateur
taxonomists, nature enthusiasts, nature conservation and ecology folks,
politicians who really want to do what they promise to do (seems there are a few
who are at least willing)..... And, by the way, even the gooogles etc. should
have a very vital (=economic) interest in a reasonably stable and universally
accepted taxonomic nomenclature! it sunday today?  -- oh, only thursday....sorry

Regards from Germany,
Wolfgang Lorenz
s it sunday today?  -- oh, only thursday....

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