Asian origin of mankind? (type C viral genes)

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Oct 23 14:13:08 CDT 2003

Dear All,
      Yesterday I happened to run across the title of an old paper published in Nature (I haven't read it myself yet).  "Evolution of type C viral genes: evidence of an Asian origin of man."  Nature, 261:101-107 (Benvenisto and Todaro, 1976).
      My question is whether the Human Genome Project has confirmed the lack of the "baboon marker" gene in man.  If so, how can one readily explain why ALL the species of African primates (except man) possess such a gene-----unless mankind actually originated in Asia and got to Africa after the baboon virus became less virulent.
     Has this ever been discussed with reference to the human-orangutan hypothesis?
         ----- Thanks,
                   Ken Kinman

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