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Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at FREELER.NL
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As best I know the ICBN applies to slime moulds,
and the relevant provision is Art 60.9, see:

Paul van Rijckevorsel
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From: John Landolt <jlandolt at SHEPHERD.EDU>
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> Hi Folks,

> I have asked a similar question in the past.

> The names of several cellular slime mold species that have been
> published in the past 35 years have specific epithets that are
> hyphenated; e.g. Dictyostelium aureo-stipes.  At least one journal
> that I know about stipulates that it will not publish any "new" taxa
> with hyphenated names.

> What is the generally accepted status of names that were originally
> published with hyphenation?  If I supply a culture (not of the type
> specimen) of such a species to another collection or make reference
> to such a culture of such a species in a manuscript, should I write
> the binomial with or without the hyphen?

> I'd appreciate any advice that would be forthcoming.  Thanks in advance.

> Cheers to all.

> John
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