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To which my comment is that bacteriology has been operating a system of
indexing over the past 25 years. Complete lists are available etc. Despite
this the purpose of the lists is often misquoted and misunderstood simply
because the topic isn't taught/communicated properly. The importance of
understanding the system surfaces in GenBank when you want to enter data on
a particular taxon. We already have the nuclear powered, strategically
armed battle cruiser, but I can't help getting the feeling that some people
still think it is a sailing ship and would like to see us transfer to the
Titanic. Of course the situation in botany and zoology is different, but
the principles are the same.

At 07:54 24.10.2003 +1000, Jim Croft wrote:
>At 06:26 AM 24/10/2003, Steve.Shattuck at wrote:
>>The "all on the same ship" analogy (see below) is great, but I don't
>>think it accurately reflects the way most zoological taxonomists think
>>about what they do.  My impression is that very few would say there is a
>>single "captain" and even fewer would say they are on the same ship as
>>other taxonomists.
>Actually, agreeing to sail on the same ocean would be a good start... :)
>>Optimistically, I think we are moving in the right direction, although
>>our progress is slow.  We seem very reluctant to give up our mirror
>>dinghies and board the Queen Mary.
>yep...   there is something romantic about the old days of four-masters in
>full sail...  biological collections and taxonomy still appear that way
>when what we need is a nuclear powered/armed  and strategically targeted
>battle cruiser.
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