Ambiregnal taxa (was hyphenation)

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Oct 28 09:41:57 CST 2003

Dear All,
      Since I had to tackle the various ambiregnal problems in my 1994 classification, I'll throw in my two cents worth.   Plasmodial slime molds (mycetozoans), which includes _Dictyostelium_, should be governed by the Zoological Code (ICZN).  The ICZN should also cover lobopodian cellular slime molds (Order Acrasida).
      The Botanical Code (ICBN) covers water molds (oomycetes, hyphochytrids) and slime nets ("labyrinthists" or "labyrinthuleans"), because they are heterokonts ("chromists").  And the discovery in the 1990's that microsporidia are related to higher fungi (eumycotans) would seem to now give the ICBN authority over that group as well.
      Whether the battle over euglenozoans (euglenophytes) and dinozoans (dinophytes) will continue seems uncertain.  This is also true of Cyanobacteria, presently governed by the Botanical Code, but which many bacteriologists think should be governed by the Bacteriological Code (and I personally think this will eventually happen).  Of course, these kinds of problems are the reason the BioCode was proposed.
           ------ Cheers,
                             Ken Kinman

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