To hyphenate or not to hyphenate

John Landolt jlandolt at SHEPHERD.EDU
Tue Oct 28 15:45:38 CST 2003

Dear Taxacomers:

Thanks to everyone who provided input to my query about hyphenated
names.  After some electronic discussion and interaction, it would
seem a consensus that both the ICBN and ICZN would support the
conversion of the original name of Dictyostelium aureo-stipes to D.
aureostipes.  I presume this convention would extend to
"de-hyphenating" D. coeruleo-stipes and D. multi-stipes, two other
published taxa of dictyostelids.

Would we be in agreement that the published dictyostelid species name
D. vinaceo-fuscum should be similarly altered to be in compliance
with ICBN as well as ICZN?

Thanks also to Monsieur Melot for directing attention to the journal
and the journal article that actually brought my question into being

Cheers to all.


John C. Landolt
Department of Biology
Shepherd College
Shepherdstown, WV 25443 U.S.A.
jlandolt at

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