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> Dear Taxacomers,
> There has been some kind of doubt in an ornithological forum recently,
whether it is correct to describe a species in an electronic journal (that
post all papers as PDFs in the WWW). It has been argued that this may not
be published ONLY in electronic media but referring to the ISBN number and
depositing hard copies in libraries. A description based on this will be
> Thanks in advance,
> Andres Cuervo

The World Wide Web _only_ is not recognized by the ICZN as a means of valid
publication (Article 9.8).  Nor would PDF files (10a, pg  XXVIII).   One
would need to have a few paper issues or "read-only laser disks" CDs (pg.
XXVII point 9, ) to validate the names (and date of publication) and then
put it on the www.

Ron Gatrelle

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