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Thomas Lammers lammers at VAXA.CIS.UWOSH.EDU
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At 11:55 AM 10/30/03 -0800, Kirk Fitzhugh wrote:

>The question and response were worthy of more than a condescending quip.

The original question was posed by someone I assumed was rather new to our
field, with what seemed a simple and most importantly a *practical*
question.  I did offer what I regarded as a sound response, commensurate
with the question asked and the poster's presumed level of knowledge.

To dump an entire load of highly theoretical philosophy on such a person I
found to be the height of pedantry and rather rude.  The response seemed
designed only to advance a particular viewpoint or perhaps to impress the
original poster, rather than to answer an earnest query.  I elected to
express my displeasure with this overkill with a quip.  In doing so, I was
merely trying to point out gently that you had answered a question no one

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