To hyphenate or not to hyphenate

Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at FREELER.NL
Fri Oct 31 17:11:54 CST 2003

From: B.J.Tindall <bti at DSMZ.DE>
Sent: Friday, October 31, 2003 3:45 PM
> In the
> case of inchnotaxa and cultivated plants (we usually forget the cultivated
> plant code) the differences were so large to the other parts of the other
> codes that they had to be dealt with separately.

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AIUI, the ICNCP would operate under the BioCode in the same way as it
operates under the ICBN. It is indeed entirely separate, for instance in not
using types but standard specimens. Also, priority is kept within bounds.

However, speaking about forgetting Codes, it is possible for separate Codes
to operate under the aegis of the ICNCP, and there is at least one such
Code, for cultivated orchids.

Paul van Rijckevorsel
Utrecht, NL

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