Universal Chalcidoidea Database on WWW

John Noyes jsn at NHM.AC.UK
Wed Sep 3 12:18:08 CDT 2003

Dear All,

I am pleased to announce the web version of the Chalcidoidea database. The
URL is:


Personally I think is one of the most impressive databases available on the
web that deals with a major group of organisms. Take a look - I think it
will knock your socks off! But then I AM biased.

Unfortunately it does not allow for the same sort of searches as the CD
version and some users will find it very slow (e.g. those not on broadband
connections). It works best with Internet Explorer. Netscape is
comparatively very slow and some of the formatting is a little flaky. For
instance some complicated searches on IE take only 4 seconds to complete
whereas on NS the same search may take up to 6 minutes! A good advert for IE.

At the moment family group names are not being dealt with, but I hope to
have this added when my turn comes around again for the NHM WWW programmer
(about 6 months?).

One feature on the web version the database not available on CDrom is the
use of .pdf files for publications. At the moment I have to thank Mike
Schauff and Jean-Yves Rasplus for these (thanks Mike and Jean-Yves). I am
hoping to improve the number available in time, but this will depend on
financial support from somewhere (any ideas?). It will also require dealing
with some copyright issues.

You will also observe that there is the possibility of easily and rapidly
adding "automontaged" images of primary types and other specimens to the
site. A few of these have been added to see what they come out like
(Dicopomorpha echmepterygis, Palaeomymar and others).

I have also added a section on collecting and preserving chalcidoids
(updated from the paper published in 1982), a key to families and short
sections on each of the families illustrated with plenty of line drawings.

If anyone has any ideas for improvement, criticisms, etc. then please let
me know.



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