Rev. Zool. and Consp. Gen. Av.

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Dear Andres:

It is a slow day so while I am an entomologist, I will take a quess:

Rev. Zool. = Revue zoologique. Published by Le Societe Curvierienne LC
call # QL1.R4538

The other seems to equal "Conspectus generum Avium" Bonaparte, C. L. J.
L. 1850

It helps in tracking down old literature to know whether there are new
names in it. For example, if there are new names in "Consp. Gen. Av.",
give us the names. Then we can look it up in Sherborn's Index Animalium,
which will provide the basic literature reference. Usually there is
enough bibliographic detail in Sherborn for a librarian to find the
reference. However, if not, there is enough to find more information in
online / printed catalog of the library of The Natural History Museum
(old BM(NH)) try: Then if your
librarian has access one can use WorldCat (an OCLC Online Union catalog)
to find libraries which have these works.

Obviously, being here at the Smithsonian we have both as does NHM,


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>>> Andres M Cuervo <wa022129 at CNNET.CLU.EDU> 09/03/03 08:38AM >>>
Dear all,

As part of reconstructing the taxonomic history of a very poorly known
monotypic genus of South American Grackles (Icteridae: Hypopyrrhus) I
have been in need to locate, without any success yet, a couple of very
old articles on bird taxonomy. One appears in "Rev. Zool" of 1847,
252. Does anybody know the complete name of this publication? Which
institution published it? What can I do to obtain a copy?
I wonder exactly the same questions for this other: "Consp. Gen. Av"
1(2), pg. 425 (1850). I would really appreciate if someone could give
any lead.

Best regards,

Andres Cuervo

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