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> Is there a site that explains the conventions for listing names in
> synonomies?

Synonymy lists I see (in zoology) are often puzzlingly cryptic due to
excessive zeal for brevity, while including all possible records or non
records.  Inclusion of the names that are not synonyms but misidentifications
or disagreed-with synonymies can be difficult to interpret.  Keeping
synonymies to the bare bones of 'true' synonyms has merit.

Not a web site but an interesting method of presentation is to be found in the
monograph by Licher* on a large genus of syllid polychaetes. I haven't seen it
elsewhere. He put a big effort into making clear what was what, using various
tag symbols - double arrow tagging each different name combination dealt with
in chronological order with all its records, then normal arrow indicating its
placement into another species by another author but not agreed to by him, and
a bold arrow indicating either his decision on the 'correct' placement or that
of a prior author he accepts also. Misidentification of records to the binomen
are enclosed in square brackets thus [Non: <list of bad record authors &
cites> (= <reassignment name> after worker X / this work)].

*Licher, F. (1999) 2000: [ Revision of the genus Typosyllis Langerhans 1879
(Polychaeta: Syllidae): Morphology, taxonomy and phylogeny ] Revision der
Gattung Typosyllis Langerhans, 1879 (Polychaeta: Syllidae). Morphologie,
Taxonomie und Phylogenie. Abhandlungen der Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden
Gesellschaft 551: 1-336.

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