synonymies and 'truly' scientific names

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> Just a minor point. I was trying to find the identity sign to insert
> into a Web page and could not.  A double equals sign is easy. So long as
> one explains one's symbols, surely that is adequate? Of course, being a
> botanist, if someone would tell me the code for an identity sign, I
> would be very happy.

Not being a computer person, I am not sure how relevant or useful the
following is.  Because I do documents (as editor) for our on line and CD
publications, I use the following function to insure others can "read" the
symbols I utilize.  I use Word 2000 for the document.  I click on _tools_
then on _options_ then on _save_ and go down to where it says "embed true
type fonts".   That, as my web master told me, puts the font software right
into the document so that anyone can read it correctly - even if their own
computer does not have that particular font in their software.

I also have a font folder called "Character Map" that has every symbol
there is in it in every font imaginable.  I just go there and pick what I
want, use it, and then embed it into the document.  This all translates
right over  into the Adobe pdf writer program.  The pdf is put on the web

Ron Gatrelle

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