identity sign in html

Eva Ekeblad eva.ekeblad at GOTEBORG.UTFORS.SE
Mon Sep 8 20:07:35 CDT 2003

At 08.16 -0600 03-09-08, Mary Barkworth scrobe:
>Just a minor point. I was trying to find the identity sign to insert
>into a Web page and could not.  A double equals sign is easy. So long as
>one explains one's symbols, surely that is adequate? Of course, being a
>botanist, if someone would tell me the code for an identity sign, I
>would be very happy.

It's ≡ - but it's in HTML 4, and so will not be readable by all
browsers (my Explorer version does it, my Netscape gives a question mark
instead). The full series can be studied at:

Eva Ekeblad

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