Fwd: Extending Hennig's Figure 4?

Jaakko Hyvönen jaakko.hyvonen at HELSINKI.FI
Mon Sep 15 11:50:31 CDT 2003

>Quite recently, I came to the realization that my thinking was not quite as
>original as I had once naively imagined (big surprise...), when I was
>flipping through the pages of the Davis & Zangerl translation of Hennig's
>"Phylogenetic Systematics", and came across Figure 4.  Given the
>similarities between my sketches and this figure (to be fair, I used black
>dots for males, and white dots for females; whereas Hennig used the
>opposite), I would have accused him of copying my ideas -- except for the
>minor and inconvenient fact that Hennig's version was originally published
>some 45 years before my own "original" thought....
>...But!...there is hope for me yet!  It seems that Hennig might have missed
>out on a perfect opportunity to scoop me entirely -- and that leads me to
>the real point of this message (sorry for the long meandering intro....).
>Has anyone taken this basic idea of a diagram (showing the transition from
>genealogy of sexual reproduction into species diversification) to the next
>logical extensions?  That is, has anyone illustrated the alternative fates;
>e.g., cases where the isolating event is less...um..."vicariant", and more
>gradually drawn-out; or what might happen if/when divergent populations
>subsequently hybridize/coalesce/reticulate? Or (for those who either have
>freakish memories, or discounted my advice not to go back and read the cited
>archive message), has anyone shown it on a larger scale with some "holes" in
>the mesh re-closing, while others remain as the genesis of permanent future

yes, this was done by Robert J. O´Hara, check figure 6. in: O´Hara,
R. J. 1993. Systematic generalization, historical fate, and the
species problem. Systematic Biology 42: 231-246.

>I'm trying to get this whole notion of the transition between genealogy and
>speciation down in a clever PowerPoint format (for a variety of reasons),
>and I want to find out if anyone (besides Hennig) has illustrated it like
>this already.
>Many thanks, and sorry for the somewhat goofy tone and more or less
>unnecessary length of this request.

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