Speaking of Linnaeus ....number of species described?

Michael Schmitt m.schmitt at UNI-BONN.DE
Mon Sep 15 15:08:20 CDT 2003

Dear colleagues,

some time ago, I counted the species Linnaeus listed in Systema Naturae,
10th edition, 1758: 4376.

Mammalia              184
Aves                  554
Amphibia + Reptilia   217
Pisces                374
Insecta              2101
Vermes                936
Addendum                9

Sum                  4376

These are the fugures as classified by Linnaeus himself. I made no efforts
whatsoever to check if all taxa listed, e.g, as Pisces, are today accepted
as fishes. I counted among the 2102 "Insecta" 1937 species presently
accepted as insects.

                                  Best regards
                                 Michael Schmitt

At 07:54 12.09.03 -0400, you wrote:
>Speaking about this year being 250 years since Species Plantarum, etc.
>Does any one know the number of species Linnaeus described in his
>Has any one every tabulated this and broken it down to major groups?
>I know there is a ton of literature on Linnaeus, but it seems easier
>and faster just to ask TAXACOM.
>For my area, Linnaeus named 275 flies. His son described 1 other, the
>human bot fly. so, we have lots of Musca .... L., and one Oestrus
>hominis L., Jr.!
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