Speaking of Linnaeus ....number of species described?

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Thanks, Michael:

Obviously there are few more new names in 12th and there are new
zoological names in some theses and in appendices to his botanical work.
So, the zoological figure will be close to 5K. Then, given the previous
figure from our botanic colleague, etc., let's just say 15,000 species
for Linnaeus.

That will be as some say close enough for "Government" work.

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Dear colleagues,

some time ago, I counted the species Linnaeus listed in Systema
10th edition, 1758: 4376.

Mammalia              184
Aves                  554
Amphibia + Reptilia   217
Pisces                374
Insecta              2101
Vermes                936
Addendum                9

Sum                  4376

These are the fugures as classified by Linnaeus himself. I made no
whatsoever to check if all taxa listed, e.g, as Pisces, are today
as fishes. I counted among the 2102 "Insecta" 1937 species presently
accepted as insects.

                                  Best regards
                                 Michael Schmitt

At 07:54 12.09.03 -0400, you wrote:
>Speaking about this year being 250 years since Species Plantarum,
>Does any one know the number of species Linnaeus described in his
>Has any one every tabulated this and broken it down to major groups?
>I know there is a ton of literature on Linnaeus, but it seems easier
>and faster just to ask TAXACOM.
>For my area, Linnaeus named 275 flies. His son described 1 other, the
>human bot fly. so, we have lots of Musca .... L., and one Oestrus
>hominis L., Jr.!
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