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Didier Drugmand Didier.Drugmand at NATURALSCIENCES.BE
Tue Sep 16 15:05:08 CDT 2003

Dear colleagues,
I invite you to visit two new Web sites devoted to Insects :
1- The first web site showsthree biogeographical applications of 
"Collections of Coleoptera Staphylinidae" databases housed in the Royal 
Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and in the Museum of Natural History 
of Paris (France) :
I. An interactive catalogue of Staphylinidae from Belgium and Luxembourg ;
II. An interactive list of the France Staphylininae and Leptotyphlinae ;
III. An interactive list of the European Staphylininae and Leptotyphlinae.

To visualize a map : enter a taxon name in the "Browse catalogue" (e.g. 
Bisnius) and then, click on the name.  The data-processing language used 
for this site ("Zope") allows everyone to enter new data or to modify data 
. [Before any change, please contact me, to receive a password.]
The URL address is : 

2- The second site includes a search form allowing you to question the data 
base on the types of insects housed in the Royal Institute of the Natural 
Science of Belgium.  About 30000 types are accessible until now.
The URL address is : 

Obviously critics and comments are welcome.

All the best,
Didier Drugmand

Didier Drugmand
Institut royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique
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Web sites :
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Staphyliniformia : http://www.sciencesnaturelles.be/collections/entomo/staphy/
Biogeography of Staphylinidae : 

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